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The Japan-America Society of Alabama (JASA) is a private, not-for-profit association in its third decade of encouraging and developing friendship and understanding between individuals who embrace the business, culture and education of Japan and the United States.

Through programs responsive to social, economic, and political needs, Alabamians are afforded the opportunity to examine and learn from experiences and achievements of both nations. Join us as we promote and cultivate these enriching international relationships.

JASA is one of thirty eight regional members of the
National Association of Japan-America Societies. NAJAS maintains links to a variety of Japan-related websites on business, public affairs, culture and education.

JASA welcomes members from all business organizations and individuals that have an interest in expanding U.S. business ventures in Japan or wish to promote a congenial climate for Japanese business in Alabama.

  • To foster and promote a spirit of goodwill in Alabama toward the people of Japan
  • To provide a forum for the discussion of topics of common interest to the people of the United States and Japan
  • To study and promote a better understanding of the arts, literature, culture ideals, aspirations and development of Japan and the United States
  • To promote friendly personal and professional relationships between individuals of both nations in order to promote and encourage better understanding by Alabamians of the country, people and customs of Japan
  • To promote greater knowledge of important issues and problems facing the governments of Japan and the United States
  • To familiarize Japanese citizens residing in Alabama with aspects of the history, culture and lifestyles in the United States
  • To foster and promote scholarship and educational exchanges among the students of the respective colleges, universities and educational institutions of Japan and the United States
  • To seek to engender close and continuing cooperation between the governments of Japan and the United States in order to encourage greater culture and social understanding between the peoples of both nations based on the premise that JASA shall not concern itself or become involved in any way with the internal politics or policies of either nation

 JASA Alabama Guide

The Alabama Guide contains a great deal of helpful information on Alabama, Japanese-affiliated companies, schools, and organizations in the State, a guide to Alabama living (detailed information on obtaining a drivers license, etc.) and information on Alabama's major cities. The Guide is written primarily in Japanese.  As a service to our members, a copy of the Alabama Guide can be sent to you upon request via YouSendIt.  For a list of membership benefits including a breakdown of eligibility of receiving free copies of the updated Alabama Guide, see this link.  

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Yoshida Scholarship Foundation Seeking Japanese Citizens for Paid Internship
The Yoshida Scholarship Foundation is currently seeking candidates for a 9-12 month paid internship at The Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Must be...Read More...
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